I LOVE rich colours and believe your photos should show off the day as it looked. I am incredibly sentimental and love capturing the emotional, vibrant, candid, "behind the scenes" moments with a few traditional photos sprinkled in.
I also believe you have this one glorious wedding day and you chose this spot for a reason, so let's go all out and get you those epic landscape photos that show off you guys as a couple against that WOW scenery. If you're a "keep your outfits perfectly clean" kinda person, that's great! But I might not be your girl! 

My Style

vibrant  sentimental  adventurous

...but not the details you think. 
I look for the connections. The intimate relationships that aren't always front and center. When he grabs your hand during your Dads emotional speech, when she grabs your butt during the first dance, when he sneaks in kisses wherever he can, and when your wedding party shares inside jokes. 
Your photos should reflect YOUR day, not a generic wedding day that looks like everyone elses. 

Stiff posing is so 1995. I want to photograph you two slow dancing in a forest, running through mountain fields, making out by the river, and deep belly laughing surrounded by whatever scenery lights you up from the inside. I don't want any part of what we do together to feel like a photoshoot. 
I also want your photos to look and feel like you, not some static magazine couple. That's not real. You are. And your relationship is dynamic, and deep and beautiful and your photos should reflect this moment in your life in all it's glory. 

it's all the details

Let's do this thing!!

I want to be your best friend. I want to see photos of your dress as soon as you buy it, I'm here to vent to when someone's being difficult, I want to know about your crazy overbearing Aunt or Uncle and I want to know every detail of your story. There's no such thing as TMI here, and I am at my BEST when I know who you two are. 
You two are unique and your story is filled with vibrant details that deserve to be highlighted in your photos and frozen in time. So when you pull out your photos together on the couch at 80 years old, you'll remember EXACTLY how that day, that moment, felt. 

I'm not a regular vendor.

Each collection is fully customizable to fit the unique needs of your day. 

Each collection includes:
- All the edited high res photos,
- Printing rights to images
- Custom online gallery to store, deliver and share images with unlimited downloads. 

Wherever you plan to elope, I am there! Available for 2-20 guests from Mon-Thurs.  

Each collection includes:
- All the edited high res photos,
- Printing rights to images
- Custom online gallery to store, deliver and share images with unlimited downloads. 

For the two of you, at any point in your relationship; let's celebrate your love in the mountains, or in your own home cuddled up together in your favourite spot.   

Each collection includes:
- All the edited high res photos,
- Printing rights to images
- Custom online gallery to store, deliver and share images with unlimited downloads. 





Average investment $4900

Starting at 

Starting at 

I don't put any weird limits on the photos you get, or have a set number in my head beforehand. I photograph every beautiful moment as it happens and you get all the good ones! I only remove the duplicates, or the ones where someone is blinking or mid licking lips. Be ready for some "blooper" photos to be included though ;) 
For those who like a number, you can expect around 100 images per hour I am there! 

How many images do we get?

Heck yes! I am based just outside Vancouver, BC and have travelled all across Canada, to Mexico and Europe for weddings. Wherever you go, I am there! 
Cost varies depending on location. 

Do you travel? What is the cost?

Every couples gets a sneak peek of 5-10 images within two days of their wedding and the full gallery is delivered in 4-6 weeks! 

How long does it take to get our images?

As a hobby 20 years, as a profession 10 years! 
I first fell in love with photos and the memories they contain when my Papa passed away and I found a photo of me on his lap at 2 years old while we played the piano. The look on both our faces was pure joy! 

How long have you been a photographer?


I'm your BFF when it comes to what to wear. Send me your outfit choices and I can give you some feedback on what looks the best in photos and in the location you've chosen! 
I also recommend choosing 2-3 outfits and bringing some extras too! It helps relieve outfit anxiety and gives us lots of options for how you're feeling in the moment! 
Most importantly though, choose the clothes that make you feel the best. It shows through in photos how relaxed and confident you feel! 

What do we wear for engagement photos?

A 35% non-refundable retainer is required to secure your date and get you on the calendar as a sure thing! Along with a signed contract! 
After that final payment us due 4 weeks before, and can be paid in one big chunk on that date, or smaller payments leading up to it! 

What is the payment schedule?

Yes and no. If you have a brand new shiny zit, or some makeup gets on your outfit, I will 100% remove that for you! I got you! 
Beyond that, you are amazing just as you are. I know we are all self conscious about something, and I will use all the angles, and poses to make you look your best, so trust me, relax and enjoy! You're beautiful just as you are! 

Do you photoshop us?

Embrace it! And I got you! I've photographed weddings in -40 where the brides bouquet froze and we got frost nip, in downpouring rain, on a dock on a lake that flooded the night before and the men had to shower in the lake because their cabin pump got flooded, in a small city in Tuscany where no one spoke a word of English, elopements at 5am for a mountain sunrise where my husband and I got to be the witnesses, 41 degrees in a winery with no shade where the poor bride got heat stroke, for a couple in their 80’s who eloped on Harrison Lake with their kids and grandkids, and even in the middle of a global pandemic ;) 

What if the weather isn't great or something goes wrong?


I LOVE exploring new places and discovering new venues! Some couples add on rehearsal dinner coverage so I can come out and see the venue, but if that's not an option, I always come out a bit earlier the day of to check things out! 
I get so inspired by new places and I find it really fuels my creativity! So don't worry for a minute, new venue, new epic location, bring it on! 

What if you've never shot at my venue or location?

I do! I have an epic list of incredible vendors from all over BC and Alberta and can happily recommend for whatever you need!! I've worked with all of them before and will jump at any chance to get to work with them again! 

Do you have favourite vendors?

I have a few amazing second shooters I work with! My #1 is my bestie Jessica! She's been working with me for 3 wedding seasons now and is amazing! 
My #2, in second shooting only ;) is my husband Marco! He takes on a few weddings a year and has been working with me since the beginning! 
Lastly I have a group of 4-5 incredible photographers I can ask if Marco and Jessica aren't available! 

Who is your second shooter?

I only take 10-12 weddings a year.  I don't want you to be just another couple, I want to get to know you and feel like besties on the day of and to do that, I can't have 20+ weddings a year! 
The earlier you can book the better! Some dates book up 20+ months in advance, and others I won't book until 2-3 months before! So let me know ASAP what dates you're wanting!! 

How many weddings do you take a year and how far in advance should we book?


Say hi! Ask questions, tell me your life story! I want to hear it all! 

 You in?! Let's do this!