I'm Justine, or Jus as my best friend and husband call me. I always wanted a nickname and they both coined this one, so I married one and the other is my person. 

I am 6 foot 1, enneagram 4w5 and my house is overflowing with books and tropical plants. The plants are currently making me nervous because I forgot to factor in how big they grow, and the books I reread constantly because I miss the stories. Schitt’s Creek and The Office provide 99% of my quotes.  I believe marriage is your one chance to chose your family,  that traditions should only be upheld if they fit in with who the two of you are and that swearing always helps. 

I believe that you should try everything once, be open to new experiences; except skydiving, that shit’s crazy. Be                       in building the life you want, don’t let “shoulds” or the “right thing to do” hold you back from the life you’ve always dreamed of. Risk going too far, the line is meant to be pushed. Do things without knowing how they’ll turn out. Jump before you’re sure of a safe landing.
            You only get this one                                           life.


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There's a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn't that the point?     
                                                                       - Pam Beasely

It’s the photos of a tearful hug with Grandma who has since passed, it’s the photo of the flower girl dancing on your feet who’s now graduating high school, it’s the photo of you and your maid of honour who are now both Moms and barely find time to get together over a glass of wine between kids sports and work, and it’s the photo of your best man the minute he decided to moon the bridesmaids from the limo as they drove by.

It’s those memories that get frozen in time and preserved. It’s the knowledge that I get to pick what stays, what moments get immortalized, that’s made me become so much more intentional with which weddings I take and how many I take. I want to be FULLY present. I don’t want to be a vendor. 

I want to know all the important nuances, and relationships and stresses and inside jokes, so I know what to look for to cater your photos to you. I’m so deeply happy my business has turned into this. The people I’ve met, the stories I get to hear and be a part of. 

I want you to feel your photos

They say life passes by progressively quicker as you age and it’s true. I have been photographing weddings for over 10 years, and I worked my ass off to learn everything I could about photography. A few years back I photographed way too many weddings, and learned a lesson I couldn’t find online. That year weddings almost became  something I photograph and move on without much thought. I hated it.


 My perspective of this career has slowly shifted as I’ve moved through it. In the beginning, I wanted allll the details and Pinterest decor and styled shoots and artistic angles and while I do still love those so much, they aren’t what’s important. 

Let me show you how beautiful your relationships are.  

I want to spend more time getting to know you

It's really so damn beautiful. 

I want to be friends. 

It's the photos of moments in your life, frozen in time. 

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