I'm a 6’1 sentimental adventurer in awe of humanity and connection.
I want to jump right into deep conversations, and photograph who you are in this moment of your life, in the place that makes you feel most alive. 

I officially give you permission to break all the wedding rules, to tell the "shoulds" to peace out and to have a day that truly embraces everything that's meaningful to the two of you.

At the end of the day, all you have is these photos to help you remember.  

Hi! I'm Justine

What moments are you going
to want to revisit in 20 years?

There's no right way to get married. And there's no right way to photograph a couple. My way involves us getting to know each other really really well. I wanna see your weird and goofy side, your quirks and what makes you the person they fell in love with. I don't expect you to bare your soul to a stranger, so have a look around and get to know me first! 

My husband and I used Justine for our very first photo shoot soon after we started dating. She was friendly, fun, she always has a beautiful, inviting and welcoming smile that can make anyone feel comfortable. After that first photo shoot I knew that if we were to get engaged she would be our wedding photographer! Fast forward a few years and we saw her at our friends wedding as she was the photographer and she made the effort to come say hello and ask how we were doing, I realized that she really does want to get to know each of her clients and cares so much about every client differently. We got engaged and Justine took us up to the most BEAUTIFUL location for our engagement shoot and I’ve never seen such beautiful photos with the most beautiful backdrop, not only is she good behind the lens but she knows her way around the lower mainland and has so many beautiful locations.

I can’t say enough about how much I love our wedding photos. Like every bride the day before my wedding I was stressing about the weather, Justine messaged me and said she previously had a client that showed her a weather website where it shows you where and how much it’s going to rain, she messaged me and reassured me she checked it and we were in the clear. She helped my mom do up my dress because my mom couldn’t and she helped me fix the boutonnière for my son that I broke, she isn’t just a photographer she is a wonderful and caring person to be around and I know that we will continue to use her for all our future photoshoots! Thank you Justine for being not only the best photographer but a kind and thoughtful human being!

Where do we start?? Justine is absolutely amazing and did our engagement and wedding shoots. Justine has such a calm demeanour and a disarming personality which brings out the best in a couple. She has easy subtle suggestions that make the shots that much better. She is amazing at finding great angles and the most incredible lighting and her ability to capture the right moments and excitement is unmatched. Working with Justine was a total pleasure from start to finish, she met and exceeded all expectations. We couldn't recommend her more highly!! Thank you so much Justine for the PERFECT photos!

Justine shot our engagement photos and wedding in October, 2019. There is no doubt that Justine is an amazing photographer. From viewing her photos, to seeing her in action, she clearly has a passion for photography. Justine has a calm enthusiasm that takes away any nervousness you may have. She is able to make any backdrop beautiful, and is able to capture the most special moments. Justine will start as your photographer, but end as your friend. We cannot recommend her enough, and will be forever grateful for the memories she captured for us.

Awesome awesome awesome!
I can’t say enough about how fantastic above and beyond Justine is to work with.
I had originally seen her work scrolling around FB and IG, fell in love, and knew from the second I saw those photos... (6 years ago) she would photograph my wedding.
She is so easy to work with through causal meetings, discussion about plans, and our expectations. Her calm presence at our wedding was a lifesaver; as she was the only person who knew “how to do up the bustle” on my wife’s dress cause she’s done it 1000 times! Aside from our personal experience with her, take the time to read her blog, and it is a shining example of how she takes the time to personally get to know each one of her clients. I know through our experience, that is indeed the truth. I’m quite camera shy, and she knows exactly what to say and do to get that “pose” that once it’s shot; looks organic genuine and natural.
Our little warm up sesh engagement photos were beautiful.
Our wedding photos were out of this world.

The only con was when I tried to make a wedding book, there were too many perfect shots it was impossible to choose our favourites.