victoria erickson

"I just want to live in a world of mountains, coffee, campfire, cabins and golden trees and run around with a camera and a notebook learning the inner workings of everything real."

- Risk going too far, the line is meant to be pushed.

- Try everything once, except skydiving, that shit’s crazy! 

- Be active in building the life you love. Bury your excuses and complaints. 

- Do things without knowing how they’ll turn out. Jump before you’re sure of a safe landing.

- Marriage is your one chance to choose your family. Choose someone you can be vulnerable with and you’ll grow together,  not apart. 

- Host imperfect dinner parties, it’s not about what kind of plates you use anyway. 

- Everyone is doing the best they can. Build others up with words no matter how hard. 

- Feel everything deeply, happiness or heartache, feel it all the way. 

- Take time to be still. Rebel against society’s call to be busy. 

- My reward for baking cookies is I get to eat the first dozen and not tell anyone I baked that many.