The Team!

I've created a kick ass team that I am so proud of!! The first 3 ladies are covering weddings and elopements at alternate pricing for dates I am already booked and the 4th is my second shooter who is my sidekick at all my weddings!!
Abigail and Joanne are my BC lead photographers, based out of Vancouver and Chilliwack and Emily is rocking it out in Calgary for our Alberta clients! 
And last but NEVER least, my best friend and forever wine partner Jessica is continuing to knock my socks off with her amazing second shooting skills!

These 4 ladies I trust, adore and am so proud of! They're INCREDIBLE women, insanely talented photographers and I couldn't be more excited to have them as a part of my team!! 

*How does the team work?!*
If you've booked with me, you'll get me! (You will ALWAYS know who is photographing your day right from the start!!) If I am already booked and one of my team lead photographers is available, I'll send over their info and alternate pricing. They photograph your day and I edit the photos so you still get my style! 
Questions? Ask away!! 

read more about them below

If I was to choose my favourite day it would be sunny, around 27 degrees and it would be spent along the ocean with the people I love. Probably in Italy because I don’t think I can make it a week without pizza; or pasta for that matter. I mean you can literally put anything in either of them and it will turn out amazing! Plus wine and gelato?! They are doing it right.
I love walking, road tripping, and flying. I love movement. I love the way music can make your head sway and your heart smile.
I love big crowds of people and realizing the potential that each of them hold.
Continuously growing and exploring new places while rediscovering old places is the lifestyle I strive for. I truly believe there is something beautiful to be found in each moment and in each person. Seek it out! Lets live passionately, embracing the journey and laugh lots! 
Each of us with our unique passions and stories – savouring a piece of those stories is the spice of life, my friends.
I cannot wait for our stories to intertwine!


Hi! I'm 

I love to enjoy life! A perfect day to me would be exploring somewhere new and watching the sunset with my family. 
I LOVE LIGHT! and rainbows and the incredible beauty that we have on this earth! 
I am obsessed with animals specifically Boxer Dogs… I may have a problem I just love them too much. 
I am completely addicted to Oreos, and Sugar Cereal! I don’t like coffee but LOVE tea! 
We have a 1/4 lot and are turning it into our own little micro farm! We love sustainability and making things pretty but also growing our own food! 
If I wasn’t a photographer I am pretty sure I would be a rock star… jk - but I do love to sing and dance and if there is an opportunity for Karaoke you better believe I will be the first to sign up! 
I also secretly want to have my own car pool Karaoke You Tube Channel…. 


Hi! I'm 

I start everyday with 4+ cups of coffee...and yoga. 
I’m a firm believer in comfort over style. At home- yoga leggings and over-sized hoodies; Denim skinnies and flats for everything else.
Growing up in BC fuelled my love for any outdoor adventures. My happy place would be: a log cabin in the woods, far from civilization, by a mountain lake (I have a serious fear of drowning and hate swimming in water where I can’t see what’s beneath me. So, it would have to be crystal-clear water). 
I’ve happily adopted the Alberta-girl mentality, finding joy in archery and, as of last year, ethical hunting as well. This province keeps my heart alive with endless starry skies, insane thunderstorms, and the occasional aurora borealis.
I’m a huge advocate for anything eco-friendly and cruelty free (animal lover & rescue pet parent here!). Every morning I take my dog out for an off-leash walk, which justifies my love of baking and my ice cream addiction that I can't kick.
I’m proudly tattooed and pierced and a fantasy fiction writer at heart. I’ve been taking voice lessons for over four years now, and I  can’t go more than a few minutes of silence before busting out some video game or movie scores!

Above all, I love to serve others, and I occasionally go overboard with gift-giving. I’m passionate about enjoying moments without distraction because we only get them once and life is too short to not have fun! 

Hi! I'm 


I am a dual citizen. I am a citizen in both Canada and New Zealand.
When I was 16 I had a real diamond put in my tooth because I wanted a “Barbie smile”. 15 years later the diamond is still there. 
My least favourite chore has always been grocery shopping. Online grocery shopping saved my life. 
I LOVE heights but hate speed. I jumped off the highest bungee jump in New Zealand no problem but I drive with caution in a go-kart. 
I could wear more white if I drank less red. 
Vegemite is my favourite toast spread. Not Marmite. Marmite’s gross. 
Favorurite animal? Sturgeon, obviously!
I love to be outside fishing, hiking, sitting by a fire eating s'mores, but I will not camp, ever!
I commute every day to work but I NEVER listen to music in the car... I always listen to trashy podcasts, mostly surrounding true crime or what the bachelorettes are up to.
I constantly drink coffee until it is an appropriate time to drink wine, then I switch.
Everyone has that one thing that reminds you of them. I get tagged in every single Nutella post on Facebook, so I guess that's my thing!


Hi! I'm